Nude With Attitude


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Nude With Attitude by Kay Hannam

“Like a duck to water is how Kay Hannam described her first visit to the Canterbury Sun Club now known as Pineglades Naturist Club in 1984. Kay’s vision of ‘creating the place to be’ materialised when partner Brian Williams found the ideal location in Lake Tekapo. Aoraki Naturally soon became known world-wide as the pair promoted themselves and their clothes-free lifestyle through various media, and by developing their own informative website. The Mackenzie Muster Naturist Festival which encompassed the first international nude golf tournament to be held on a regular golf course became the most talked about event in New Zealand naturist circles. Re-locating their business to Marlborough in 2006, Kay and Brian developed Wai-natur Naturist Park; a safe and secure haven for naturists with all the amenities of a regular camping ground. Travelling throughout Europe during the past fifteen years resulted in a range of experiences many of which are related in Nude with Attitude. In Nude with Attitude, Kay has compiled a frank account of her passion for a clothes-free lifestyle. Traversing from simple nudity to social nudity may seem like a giant leap but in actual fact only a small step is required.”

-Kaden Publishing 2013

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