The Naked Drummer and the Baileys Road Band




On the 25th of April, 2009 a new Aussie Band with a difference was launched at the Cooroy Colony in South East Queensland, Australia.
Richard, his wife Tracey, and Dennis and Yvonne, are the Naked Drummer & the Baileys Road Band. Richard has been a keen nudist for approximately 15 years, embracing the lifestyle and all it has to offer. He and Dennis have been friends for almost as long and have played music together on and off over the years. With Richard on drums, Tracey playing rhythm guitar, Dennis on lead guitar and Yvonne playing bass, they had a whole heap of fun playing music together in the ‘Band Room’ every Friday night. While they play mostly covers, they have come up with a few songs of their own. Richard, the only nudist of the group, wrote the song “I Gotta be a Nudist” and Dennis wrote the music. They added this to their repertoire and got such good feedback about it from both nudists and non-nudists alike, that they decided to write more.
While Dennis, Yvonne and Tracey are not nudists, through Richard (who of course is the ‘Naked Drummer’), they have gained an understanding of what the lifestyle is all about, and have on occasion accompanied Richard to the Nudist Beach. Dennis and Yvonne even ventured bravely into getting their gear off for one of Richard’s Video clips for his song. 
The band has found their songs communicate a better understanding of what the Nudist Lifestyle is all about, as well as providing a window of opportunity to explain it to people so they are better informed. This is a must have CD for nudists that love to party or just sit back and listen to music
Some of the songs have been featured on The Naturist Living Show and you will hear three of the songs if you are put on hold when you call Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park.

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