The Nudist Idea




Cec Cinder

ISBN: 0965208508
Ultraviolet Press
A comprehensive look at modern social nudism and its antecedents, this 702-page hardback covers the origins of the movement in Germany, its spread to France and England, and its leap across the Atlantic to the United States. With special emphasis on the “freebeach” (or nudist beach) European origins and the history of the freebeach struggle in the United States.
Cec Cinder, Ph.D. is a pseudonym for a college professor in California named Cecil Snyder. He has been a nudist since 1954 and a member of the Olive Dell Nudist Ranch since 1956. Over the years, he has written a hundreds of articles, reviews, editorials, letters and other material for the naturist/nudist press. He has also been involved in many nudist organizations – several of which he founded.
He has a massive collection of nudist material which includes books, periodicals, still photos, audio cassettes, films, badges, brochures and other memorabilia. Maintained as the Archive of the Institute for Nudist Studies, it is billed as the third largest collection in the world.

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