Loxie & Zoot: The Koala Bares




The best naturist cartoon strip is The Koala Bares, by Stephen Crowley. The drawings are somewhere between cartoon and comic book in realism. What is wonderful is Stephen’s depiction of every body type and shape without bias against any. The book is a collection of individual themes which revolve around one central story. The stories are appropriate for all ages and contain lessons for both naturists and non-naturists. Crowley pokes fun at many textile misconceptions about naturism but also takes afew shots at some naturist hangups. Recommended reading for all naturists.
Plot summary: Loxie and Zoot’s passion for a clothes-free lifestyle has led them to become the owners of a nudist resort… The Koala Bay Bares and the enemy of anti-nudist campaigner Tex Tyler!
  • Full colour, 120 pages, square bound trade paper back [17 x 24cm]
  • Plus a Potted History of Loxie and Zoot – 4 pages with rare pics of early Loxie & Zoot material.
ISBN: 9780958129909

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