Theatre au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist Plays




Edited by Mark Storey
ISBN: 0973027029
2005 by Heureka Productions
Paperback, 133 pages
This book contains the famous, long out of print naturist play Barely Proper, written by Tom Cushing in 1930. The book also contains plays by Johnna Adams, Rik Panero, Tom Swimm, and Martin E. Williams. All six plays are not just about nudity, but about nudism/naturism.
  • Introduction, by Mark Storey
  • Barely Proper, by Tom Cushing
  • Nude on the Beach, by Martin E. Williams & Johnna Adams
  • Love the Body Positive, by Johnna Adams
  • Sisters at the Beach, by Rik Panero
  • Just a Little More Blue, by Tom Swimm
  • Nude in the Dark, by Johnna Adams

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