Bare Oaks Mug




White ceramic mug, 444 ml (15oz),  featuring the Bare Oaks Family by Australian artist Stephen Crowley (author of The Bare Pit, Loxie & Zoot and The Koala Bares) on one side and the Bare Oaks Logo on the other.

It’s a great way to tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are a naturist. You don’t want to make a big announcement and you’re not sure how to bring up the subject. After all, it’s a natural thing to do and isn’t a big deal. So instead, get yourself the Bare Oaks mug and just casually drink your morning coffee in it.  Or just leave it laying around. It’s bound to generate some questions.  The cartoon nature of the image makes it relatively inoffensive. The variety of ages, genders, and types of people shows that naturism is for everyone.

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Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 12.00 × 12.00 × 12.00 cm


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