The Curiosity Book


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James Hunter

ISBN: 1886699046
An owner’s manual on positive body awareness for young children and their caregivers.
When curiosity is a sin, and the body is evil, we will be at war with who we are.
When every touch is a transgression, we will be isolated from the people we need.
The Curiosity Book is for adults who would teach children to trust their minds, their bodies, and their inclinations to reach out and touch those they love.

  Jame Hunter has created a marvellous resource for parent to introduce to their children the wonders of the human body; it beauty, ability and diversity. A picture speaks a thousand words, and The Curiosity Book‘s exquisitely moving and sensitive photographs express volumes about positive communication and affection between people.
  Children who grow to love themselves and their fellow humans will contribute to the development of a happier, healthier society. The Curiosity Book‘s celebration of being human is a great contribution toward such a development.
Dr. Felicity Goodyear-Smith
Auckland, New Zealand
Author of First Do No Harm: the sexual abuse

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