The Sheltered Life of Betsy Parker


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Genre: Fiction
Author: E. David Hopkins
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
220pp Paperback
ISBN: 9781537047126

In a town called Meriton, Carl and Megan Parker are blessed with a baby girl, whom they name Betsy. At first, Betsy seems just as ordinary as any other baby. However, much to the shock of Betsy’s parents, and to the concern of society, while still in her infancy, Betsy develops a never-before-seen allergic condition, in which virtually nothing can touch her skin. These reactions cause Betsy to become very ill, and even threaten her life. Betsy Parker cannot even wear any clothes, and so her life unfolds, from infancy to adulthood, as a quest for understanding, compassion and acceptance from society, as well as to be recognized as a human being with rights. From birth onward, even before Betsy is old enough to understand that something is unusual about her, she lives her entire sheltered, naked life living all these virtues towards all others, including the others who do not treat Betsy this way in return.

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