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Shipping Problem Fixed!

We recently (and quietly) relaunched the Bare Boutique website after several years. The old system had been built with Zencart and was so out of date that we were hacked several times. Updating was going be a big task because there was so much PHP customization of the old plugins. So we decided to shut down the ordering process while we decided what to do. The solution was to build an all-new e-commerce website using WooCommerce on WordPress.

We launched quietly in order to test the system. Because of an episode of the Naturist Living Show on the Sunburnt Game, we suddenly experienced an unexpected number of new orders. Most of them were not presented with any shipping options. We kept checking the settings and testing various parameters but couldn’t figure out the bug.

Finally, a very persistent customer found the problem! We had accidentally listed the Sunburnt Game as 132 kilograms (about 290 pounds) instead of 132 grams!  The system could not get a shipping cost from Canada Post for an item that weighs that much!  Thank you Adam for being so determined!!

The problem has now been fixed!!  So sorry for the frustration some of you have experienced.