Bodies and Souls, The Century Project

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ISBN 0-9730270-3-7; 224 pp., 9″ x 12″
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98 photographs (53 colour and 45 b&w) •
published in November 2006
Photography by Frank Cordelle
Foreword by Naomi Weinshenker, M.D.
How likely is it for photographs and words of naked girls and women to illuminate, even heal? How likely is it for a man to have made those photos?
Tens of thousands of people have seen The Century Project exhibited and been overwhelmed by it. They have laughed, they have cried. Some have hurriedly left the exhibition space—and returned, with every friend and family member they could find.
This amazing, revolutionary book is a record of The Century Project, containing more photos and statements than have ever been exhibited at one time, and much other material. It is haunting and provocative, deeply so.
No one encountering The Century Project—or this book—is likely to forget it.
“Don’t cover your eyes. The women who appear in Bodies and Souls: The Century Project (Heureka Productions) want you to see them—really see them—in all their naked humanity.”
“The Naked Truth.” O, The Oprah Magazine, March 2007


A book signing tour for Frank Cordelle began in November 2006. He visited these cities: Los Gatos CA, Peterborough NH, Keene NH, Hamilton NY, Ithaca NY, and Hamilton ON.
The Century Project travels in North America every year. In 2008, the tour went to seven US colleges in seven cities between February 18 and April 11. If you would like to have Frank Cordelle come to your area, especially with his Century Project exhibition, contact Heureka Productions.
In late 2006, Century was exhibited at Lupin Lodge, near Los Gatos, California. In September, 2007 was an exhibition in Laramie, Wyoming. In later years, the exhibitions have continued to still more acclaim across the USA and Canada.
One recent development is attempts to censor the Century Project at some colleges. Those attempts have backfired. In one case, a senior administrator lost his job over his censorship actions.

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